ZipperCMS: August 2008

New Updates: Blog RSS syndication and a new Feeds Module coming soon.

Welcome to the latest edition of our Newsletter for ZipperCMS: the outsourced CMS specifically for creative agencies and graphic designers.

The big news is our new CMS is now in full production!

All new sites will be using the new CMS and we will be upgrading all older sites soon.

We're thrilled to be wrapping our development of this new CMS. You and your clients get a much better content management system, and we can now spend more time to adding new modules and upgrades.

What's New?

We will soon be starting a blog with RSS syndication that will cover all of our CMS updates so you can subscribe and get instant news. Here's a summary of some of our recent upgrades:

  • New Module: Registration Module- We've added a new module for taking Registrations on your site. This works great with events that might have limited seats or availabilities and you need to track registrations. Get in touch if you are interested and we can walk you through it.
  • Blog Feeds- Our blogs can now be syndicated with RSS. This means users can subscribe to blogs to get new entries pushed to their feed reader.
  • Standards Compliant Output- We've upgraded our CMS to output HTML and CSS in standards compliant code. This means the sites are more accessible and faster to load.

What's in the works?

  • New Feeds Module- We're working on a Feeds module where you can output feeds from other sites and sources directly onto your site. This is a great way to easily add dynamic content to your site.
  • Upgraded Membership Module- We've massively updated our Membership Module. More on this next time.

Did you know?

We can do custom Flash work for your site? We can even add Flash elements that you can update via the CMS or XML? Need a map that you can update. We can do that! Just let us know what kind of Flash you'd like and we can provide an estimate.

We need your Input

Now that we're wrapping up primary development on our new CMS we want to really work on our support and help systems. Along with the new embedded help (those question mark icons in the new CMS), we will have a comprehensive online documentation. But we want to make sure we are doing everythign we can to enable you to work with your clients.

Some ideas:

  • Rebranded help system you can publish on your own site or domain.
  • Video tutorials
  • Webcasts

How can we help you support your clients on using the CMS? What happens when you're clients have questions and how we can make that easier? Please let us know!