Zipper CMS Demo

Hello Zipper Partners-

We've been hard at work on our next big release of ZipperCMS and we wanted to give our current partners a chance to give it a test drive.

You can view the demo at:

The CMS is at:

Right now the Demo has limited functionality and modules. It also logs you in automatically.

We want to encourage each of you to check it out. We've incorporated a lot of suggestions and plan on adding much more. Here's some of the things we'd like you to take note of:

Block Editor

The Block Editor is our new way of adding simple text and images. It has a toolbox for formatting your text with headers, bold, italics, and more. It also has simple editors to add links and images. You can see the styles and images right in the CMS.

You can access a Block Editor anywhere you type in text. Just click on the expander icon to the right of the field. For example, add or edit a Block and you'll see an expander icon next to the "Block Copy" field. Click on it to edit that text in the Block Editor.

Image Editor

The Image Editor is our new way of easily uploading, importing and editing images. The uploader is embedded directly in the CMS (no more popup browsers). We've included thumbnails so you can easily preview every image. You can even crop and resize them right in the CMS.

The Image Editor can be found in the Block Editor by clicking on the Image icon.


We've added a lot of features to make the CMS easier to use:

  • Embedded Help: Each field has a help icon with a question mark. Mouse over that to get more information on that field.
  • Instructions: We've added more tool-tips where it makes sense, and many areas have instructions on what to do next.
  • Easier Forms: We've made the forms used to edit modules more intuitive. Options are much more descriptive and fields that don't apply are hidden.
  • Modules: The "Add Content" tool shows icons, provides descriptions and examples for each module.
  • Pages & Content: Pages and Content are grouped by their location (Major Nav, Minor Nav, Left Column, Body).
  • CMS Search & Preview: Search within the CMS for a specific pages or page ID. Also an enhanced preview button will take you right to the specific item you are working on, not just the parent page.


We'd love to get some general feedback on what you think. Anything you like? Anything you'd rather see differently?

In particular, we'd like to know how the CMS looks and acts. Let us know if the animation isn't smooth or if things don't seem to fit with your monitor size. We'd also like to guarantee that it looks fine on a MAC.


This CMS is in Beta. This means that the program is stable, but bugs are still being found and dealt with. If you find a bug (and you probably will), please alert us. We'll need to know what the bug was, and how you got it.

What's Next

We're completing a few final modules and will have the new CMS ready for production soon. Our goal is to use it for new site builds within a month or so, and then upgrade all the existing sites soon thereafter.